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Bobby Groves was born in Maldon, Essex in the lowlands of the east coast of England. In 2006, he began working on his local oyster farm Maldon Oysters cultivating, delivering and exporting shellfish, and as an oyster shucker in London food markets for both Maldon and West Mersea shucking thousands of oysters a day.

In 2010, he founded Bobby's Oysters which began life as an event service and has over the years expanded to become a brand connecting rural British oyster producers to domestic & export markets.   

In 2015 he launched the oyster program at London restaurant Chiltern Firehouse and now oversees the oyster programs for AB Properties in Los Angeles, London and Shelter Island, Long Island.

In 2018/19, Bobby completed a 5000 mile journey on a Triumph motorcycle around the coasts of the British Isles and Ireland for his book Oyster Isles (published Aug 2019 by Little, Brown/Hachette).  Oyster Isles is a celebration of oyster culture past and present with themes of nutrition, reef restoration, environmental factors and associated history. 

Bobby is Newcastle United supporter thanks to his Geordie father, a punk rock fan and has played in the folk band Beans On Toast since 2010.

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The oyster. Ostrea edulis. 'Edible bones'. 

The Great British & Irish oyster is deeply embedded in our geographical, historical and socio-cultural landscape. Five-thousand-year-old oyster shells have been discovered in the northern reaches of Scotland, and oyster shells are littered along the extinct riverbeds deep beneath the London of today. A highly prized delicacy of the Romans, the oyster has always been a class leveller: an everyman food of the poor during the Victorian age to a food of decadence during the twentieth century. It is a superfood; a biological water meter; an ecological superpower. The oyster card, 'the world is your oyster' - it has even crept into our language.

Bobby Groves, Head of Oysters at the Chiltern Firehouse, takes us on a wonderful journey of the British oyster, a five-thousand-mile motorcycle odyssey of Britain's spectacular coastlines. He vividly brings to life this strange and marvellous creature, shining a light on its rich and vibrant history, its cultural impact and ecological importance as well as those oyster folk who work so hard to protect them.

Part travelogue, part social history, Oyster Isles is a celebration of the much-loved yet much-misunderstood oyster.



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A celebratory tour T shirt of the 5000 mile motorcycle journey that was undertaken by Bobby to create the book Oyster Isles.

Proceeds from the merchandise will go towards the Fisherman's Mission charity which provides care and welfare to those of the fishing industry.


Inspired by the oyster fisheries of East Anglia and made in collaboration with Two Tribes Brewery and brewed to be the perfect match for seafood. This amber lager is crisp and bready with a refreshing herbal hit provided by the Saaz hops.


The added Oysters from Richard Haward makes this lager incredibly smooth and add a hint of salinity. Lagered for 6 weeks to bring out the delicate flavours of the malts. (Not Vegan)